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Military personnel account for around 30% of sufferers

Bacteriophage Genetics and Molecular Biology
"A source of inspiration and scientific excitement for students and researchers in a variety of fields, including medicine and industry."

Bovine TB
You are what you eat - Blame mineral deficient farming methods, not badgers.

Codex Alimentarius - what it means for the people.
Why does the EU want to stop us from healing ourselves, using herbal remedies and food supplements?

Downing Street Petition
Sign the petition to offer phage therapy in the NHS

Drug Safety and Avandia
AVANDIA: How exactly did it get approved in the first place?

Gardasil and Cervarix - How safe are they?
With scoolgirls soon to be mass immunised against HPV, questins must be asked about vaccine safety.

MRSA and Phages blog
Express your opinion on MRSA and phage therapy

MRSA. Why we are in trouble.
The Health Service Scandal of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria.

Mesothelioma Cancer
Lorraine Kember's true story of palliative mesothelioma care for her dying husband.

Modeling Scams - What to avoid.
Up front fees for directory inclusion are no incentive to agencies to find you work.

Phages - the Answer to MRSA
Bacteriophage therapy - Nature's way of killing bacteria or' What Western Governments and chemical companies won't tell you!'

Quote of the Day
Benefit from the distilled wisdom of those who have walked the walk!

Shakespeare Insults
Amuse your friends with self-chosen insults from The Bard

Vitamin B-17
The drug the chemical companies would like to own!

Winston Churchill Fellowship Report 2007
Grace Filby's report on the health value of bacteriophages.

Write to Your MP
Your chance to tell your MP how strongly you feel about a topic.


Mesothelioma Lawyers
Experts to Defend your Rights.


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