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Phages - General Information - The Pros and Cons of Phages versus Antibiotics.

Structure of phages - Anatomy of a Phage.

The Fall and Rise of Bovine Tuberculosis in the UK - So you think we feed our animals well!

Mesothelioma - The Asbestos Time Bomb.

Bacteriophages - The Dawning of a New Age

Compensation Act 2006 - Amendment Compensation Act 2006

Japanese Asbestos Compensation - Court rules that Japanese firms must share cost of victim "relief".

E.Coli and Phages. - Safe Food for All - Nature's Way.

Antibacterials - Back to the Future. - Before antibiotics there were phages. After antibiotics there are phages!

Bacteriophage Therapy - Completing the Circle - Phage Therapy abandoned in the rush to make money with antibiotics.

Nutritional Supplements during Acute Illness. - Are Nutritional Supplements good for you? Research say "yes".

Phages and the Eliava Institute - Forgotten battle against bacteria.

Glass Houses - Cancer specialist attacks alternative therapies.

Rocket Fuel Pollution. - American water and food contiminated by rocket fuel.

Bernards Matthews and Phages - Will Bernard MAtthews take up the challenge to improve our food safety?

Pfizer and Donepezil. - Top scientist never disclosed payments from Pfizer

Bacteriophages - Superbugs' Worst Nightmares! - The Holy Grail of medicine; a medication which only attacks the pathogen and does not harm the patient.

Antidepressants - the worst revealed. - Patients depressed by antidepressant Effexor, sue manufacturer.

Vested Interest. - Drug companies are using 'Ghost' authors to prepare drug trial reports..

Carpenter's Asbestos Death - Widow of ex-carpenter seeks help from husband colleagues

Hugging my dad gave me terminal cancer.. - A woman is to sue the Ministry of Defence for £75,000, claiming that hugging her dockyard worker father caused her cancer.

Asbestos victim electrician gets rock concert - ROCK TRIBUTE TO ASBESTOS VICTIM

Bovine TB passed to Badgers. - Big badgers culling programme in Ireland fails to halt spread of bovine TB

Glue Contaminates Animal Foods. - The FDA have traced contaminated animal feeds to the glue melamine

Childhood Dental Decay Identification - New Method May Help Identify Bacteria that Causes Severe Dental Decay in Early Childhood.

Phage - Phage To Zap bureaucrats?

Phages: Early Research - The decisive partnership between Felix d'Herelle and Georgi Eliava

Biofilm and DispersinB - Kane biotech announces positive results from an independant wound care study.

Clostridium difficile is Starving! - Understanding Why C. difficile Causes Disease: Itís Hungry

POPCORN BRANDS BAN DIACETYL - Two US popcorn manufacturers have removed diacetyl following concerns of lung disease.

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