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WRITE TO YOUR MP. TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT AN ISSUE is a conduit for you to write to your United Kingdom Member of Parliament about an issue that is within their remit to respond to e.g. Income tax, the National Health Service, Social Security & Benefits, matters of immigration, and other areas for which parliament or central government are responsibler. This is not a forum to vent your spleen concerning private disputes and matters which concern local government decisions e.g. council tax.


If you would like to write to a particular member of the House of Lords, you may also do this using the

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The Codex Alimentarius Committee is planning to make over-the-counter sales of herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals and food supplements ILLEGAL and prescription only! This obscene legislation is being driven by the global pharmaceutical companies, who are seeking to corner this very lucrative market now that returns from antibiotics are drying up and not much new is coming through the revenue pipeline.

Not many people are aware this is happening, because your governments are not telling you. Unless you want to see only around 25 allowable herbs, vitamins & minerals to be obtained only after seeing your doctor, and at a strength defined by your doctor, then do nothing and you will wake up one day to find it is a fait accompli.

The costs involved in getting the other 300-400 vital nutrients certified and put on the list is prohibative to all but the huge multinationals, ruling out the vast majority of suppliers who use organic methods to grow their produce. You can bet you sweet ash that Big Pharma will not be selling organically grown and produced produce, because it is perceived as being too expensive, notwithstanding that it is recognised by the body as food and therefore correctly assimulated.

So, we will be left with just the synthetic chemical version to try to offset the lack of nutirnets in our vegetables, because of poor soil nutrition brought about by erm.... the use of chemical fertilisers sold by Big Pharma; they get you either way!

Most people would rather not stick any more chemicals into their bodies than neccessary, and would like to use natural methods of healing. After all, Nature has helped us to heal our bodies long before the advent of patentable chemicals became the 'norm' and herbal remedies are ironically considered as 'alternative'.

If you value this most precious aspect of personal freedom of being able to choose which herbal remedy is suitable for you, and at a strength suitable to you, and if you are a UK citizen, I beg you to sign the Downing Street Petition to stop the UK signing up for this vile law.

If you are not a UK citizen, please write to your MP or parliemantary representative and ask them to stop this madness! Your children's children will thank you, though they may not know exactly why! "For evil to triumph, it is enough that good Men do nothing"

For more information, please visit Codex Alimentarius
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