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Winston Churchill Fellowship Report on the Health Benefits of Bacteriophages.

Grace Filby,recently awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship to research the health benefits of bacteriophages, has travelled to the USA, Canada, Georgia and Poland, speaking with world famous phage scientists and listening to their knowledge of phages and how beneficial they are to Mankind. She tells how the UK government seems to be way behind the USA and other countries in their acceptance of phages, and what should be done to overcome State inertia, departmental buck passing and bureaucratic indifference that have ensured that phages in the UK are not being made available to treat the many thousands of people who suffer, and die, annually in the UK from bacterial infections.

It is time for the UK government to look at the evidence that is out there, to grasp the nettles of entrenched views, and be bold in letting phages do what they're best at; killing bacteria, without harming humans and animals.

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