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Maidstone Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust - Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS trust Colstridium difficile deaths unacceptably high.

Hadiths of the Fly - Ancient Koran text which observes bacteriophages on flies.

Honey is Best! - Honey beats medicine at curing coughs

Jim Wright -v- The Law - Jim Wirght's initial letter, of an anonymous compaint, from the MHRA.

Modelling Scams Petition - Reply from Downing Street to my petition to outlaw up-front agency fees.

Limited Badger Cull - Baby with the bathwater?

The Illusion of Progress - I'm a doctor; don't ask me to wash my hands!

Reinventing the wheel - Phage Therapy - reinventing the wheel?

XF73 later, phages now. - The King's New Clothes, or 'why companies are spending billions on MRSA research when a cure sits on the shelf.

MRSA and its Treatment - MRSA and the various treatment methods.

Archant Replies - Archant Newspapers Norwich promises not to take any more modeling scam adverts.

Liz Taylor's life saved by phages - Did phage really save actress Liz Taylor's life?

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