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Archant Replies

This in reply to my request that the Eastern Daily Press, owned by Archant,
do not take any more adverts from modeling scammers.

General Manager
Archant Norfolk
Prospect House
Rouen Road

31st Oct. 2008


Dear Mr. Attfield,

Many thanks for your reply and your willingness to
undertake not to accept any such advertising in the future.
Can you please confirm that this decision would be passed
to all Archant papers and that it could be made company
policy not to accept this type of advertising? Although the
people placing the ads. may change, the style is easily
spotted; If legitimate model agencies do photo-shoots,
they use their own models, of course.

While it may mean a small loss in revenue, the service you
would be doing in preventing countless thousands of
people being fleeced by these rogues is immeasurable
and would go some way to offsetting the timidity and
inaction of Trading Standards, and the government for
failing to formulate the legislation wording effectively,
thereby not achieving what EQUITY, BECTU, and others in
the modeling/acting business wanted. We have toothless
legislation that in 5 years not yet brought any prosecution
against these rip-off agents. Try and sell apples by the
pound and see how quickly the Law jumps on you!

Do you not think the time is right now for newspapers to
investigate these so-called model agencies and expose
them for what they really are? If the authorities are useless,
then we must do the job for them and hopefully shame
them into action.

Again, on behalf of the many thousands who will now not
have their hopes and dreams so cruelly dashed, many
thanks. How about printing your letter prominently in the
EDP, as icing on the cake, and to demonstrate the Sword
of Truth in action?

Yours sincerely,

Mike Jozefiak

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