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What if....

'While officials form-letter the answer
That phages are not on their list,
The status quo is safest and cosy
And requires no thoughts of 'what if...'

What if the evidence is out there?
What if they, for once, were bold?
What if our friends, the phages,
Held benefits for mankind, untold?

While bureaucrats sort pens and papers,
And clock-watch to pension time,
Our allies those wonderful phages
Ignore them and continue to thrive.

Yes, more tests are always needed,
Especially to chemical cures;
Phages are Man's best helpers,
Natural and kindly and pure.

Saying 'No' means no further action,
While 'Yes' brings bureaucrats out in a sweat,
To acknowledge that phages are useful
Would cause turmoil, confusion, and yet…

The tide is slowly rising,
And even jobs-worths must surely take heed,
Of the benefits in using phages
In this, our hour of need.

What if the evidence is out there?
What if bureaucrats for once were bold?
What if our friend the phages,
held benefits for mankind, untold?

So, no more delaying tactics,
No more ignoring our pleas,
None are so blind as them that
Ignore what others plainly do see.'

Poem by Michael Jozefiak

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